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Title Insurance: it isn’t something that most people considering a real estate transaction think of right away. After all, you’ve likely already located a real estate agent, gotten approved for a home loan, found the right home, agreed on a contract and set a closing date. You’ve even lined up your hazard, flood and wind and hail policies, so why do you need more insurance for the title to the property?  Perhaps you’ve received property that has been in your family for ages, why would you need title insurance?

The resources in this section seek to answer those questions. You will find information about what title insurance is and why it is a necessity when acquiring property. Also, learn about what an abstract of title is and why it is important, as well as what a Title Commitment is and how it is the basis for the policy of Title Insurance that you’ll receive after the closing.

We’ve also compiled documents that you will likely encounter in your closing to give you an idea of what to expect when it’s time to sign, and if you have questions, feel free to contact one of our seven staff attorneys for information.  Finally, some useful links are available to help you find additional information that you may need for your transaction.


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