The Closing Package

What am I signing at closing?

For many borrowers, this is the second question that weights on their minds as a closing appears (the first being “How much to I have to pay?”

Generally, the closing package for your specific closing is ready a few hours before your closing, as much of the information placed into it is date and cost-specific. Creating the documents too far ahead of closing from preliminary information can result in changes being necessary and even missed before closing, which can disrupt the closing itself if changes must be made at the last minute.

While every lender has their own set of documents that they require executed at closing, many of them use documents that are similar in content, even if they look different from one lender to another. The link below contains a sample closing package to give you an example of the documents you may be signing at your closing. Included documents are:

  • HUD-1 Settlement Statement
  • Note
  • Mortgage
  • Signature/Name Affidavit
  • Occupancy Affidavit
  • Compliance Agreement
  • Req. for Tax Transcript
  • Servicing Disclosure
  • Property Tax Information

 There are additional documents that may be in your specific loan package, especially if your loan is a non-conventional loan, such as an FHA, RHS, VA or a private loan.

Click Here to Download the Sample Loan Documents (PDF)

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