Commercial real estate transactions can be complex.  Since our founding in 1963, Delta Title Corporation has made our reputation on providing excellent customer service and support during these transactions. We are here to help you and your client’s commercial title insurance needs in Louisiana and Mississippi.

What Does Title Insurance Cover in a Commercial Transaction?

The complex nature of commercial transactions makes it especially important to protect your investment with a title insurance policy.  Unfortunately, unpaid liens, instances of fraud, clerical errors, or related disputes can lead to issues that threaten your ownership interests. This is where a title insurance policy will give you peace of mind that your interests are protected.

Title insurance provides protection from financial loss that could arise from:

  • Title fraud, forgery, and unauthorized or improperly indexed deeds
  • Unrecorded liens, including unpaid taxes, utilities, mortgages, and work orders that were due and payable before the date of the policy
  • Boundary descriptions that are inconsistent with the area being used
  • Incorrect or inadequate legal descriptions in public records and/or official responses relating to title searches
  • Other title errors and issues that may affect your ability to sell, get a mortgage, or rent out the property

Do I Need Title Insurance for My Commercial Property?

When it comes to commercial properties, there is much at stake for every party involved. Without a title insurance policy, you could face an enormous loss.

Whereas most insurance policies cover you from future events, title insurance protects you from something that may have occurred in the past.  In the event that someone challenges your right to ownership of the property in question, all you would need to do is to contact your title insurance underwriter and they will handle the claim.

If a lender is involved in your purchase—which is typical for the majority of real estate transactions—the buyer is responsible for purchasing a lender’s title insurance policy.  

Why Choose Delta Title

Commercial title transfers can be fraught with complexities. Whether a full sale, refinance, or leasehold, Delta Title Corporation works to ensure these multi-faceted deals are closed professionally and with the utmost confidence that is has been done right.

Delta Title has handled commercial transactions ranging in value from $50,000 to over $50,000,000. We’ve assisted with purchases that included free-standing buildings, strip mall shopping centers, large multi-family housing units, hotels, industrial sites, and more.

With our wide breadth of experience, Delta Title Corporation ensures our clients enjoy a seamless, professional closing. With seven convenient locations across Louisiana, we live up to our longstanding reputation of providing convenience for each and every client.

Safeguard your commercial property with the help of Delta Title Corporation. Contact us today to begin the simple process of obtaining a quote tailored to your specific transaction.

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