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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial title transfers can be fraught with complexities·. Whether a full sale, refinance or leasehold, the good news is that Delta Title has an experienced team dedicated to working closely with tlie firm's commercial clients and our underwriters to ensure these multi-faceted and nuanced deals are closed confidentially and smoothly. Since 2005 alone, Delta Title has handled commercial transactions which have ranged in value from $50,000 to over $50,000,000, and have included free-standing buildings and strip shopping centers to large apartment complexes, hotels and industrial sites.

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Residential Real Estate

  • 1031 Exchange
  • Donations
  • POA (Power of Attorney)
  • Notary Only
  • Title Insurance Only
  • Title Searches (with and without examinations)

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REO/Relo -

For over forty years Delta Title Corporation has maintained a Real Estate Owned (REO) and Relocation (Relo) department.  This department provides settlement services for properties located throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. The Key to REO/Relo transactions is working together with foreclosure attorneys, realtors, asset managers and relocation companies to clear title issues.  ...more info

Title Insurance