At Delta Title Corporation, we provide reliable and professional closing services in Louisiana and Mississippi. Whether you are a homebuyer doing research for your upcoming purchase, or a real estate professional, this is your guide to the benefits and coverages available with title insurance.

What Is Title Insurance?

Your home is likely the most important and most valuable asset you’ll own, which means you want to protect it at all costs. At its most basic definition, title insurance offers protection from a number of risks that can arise in a real estate transaction. We offer both owner’s and lender’s title insurance.  An owner’s title insurance policy will protect your interest; and a lender’s policy will protect the lender’s interest. When you opt to purchase an owner’s title insurance policy, you receive a simultaneous issue rate on the purchase of the lender’s policy.

Risks most often occur as errors in ownership records for the home or property, or the risks noted below.  

What Does Title Insurance Cover?

Title insurance can cover a variety of risks, including, but not limited to:

  • Clerical errors
  • Forgery
  • Fraud
  • Incompetency
  • Incapacity
  • Unknown heirs
  • Unpaid taxes and assessments
  • Unpaid judgments and liens
  • Unreleased mortgages
  • Related disputes

When you purchase a policy, your coverage begins immediately and extends indefinitely into the past. This protects you from known and unknown inconsistencies that may be on record.

At Delta Title Corporation, we offer title insurance options for all properties including residential, commercial and REO/relocation transactions.

Why Do I Need Title Insurance?

In today’s world, forgery and fraud are rampant. Don’t let an unforeseen incident put your home ownership at risk. With title insurance, you get peace of mind.

Purchasing lender’s title insurance is usually mandatory if you have a mortgage. This is because your lender requires financial protection for their interest.

However, this lender’s policy doesn’t provide any coverage for the homeowner if the court rules that your home belongs to another party. As a buyer, you can also opt for additional protection for your assets, as well as ownership rights. As long as you or your heirs are in possession of the property, an owner’s title insurance policy can protect you from the cost of losing your home.

What Will I Need To Close?

In many cases, a title insurance company like Delta Title Corporation will conduct the final closing steps on your home. In these cases, it’s important that both sellers and buyers are prepared with the necessary documentation.

Whether you’re buying or selling, a state-issued government ID is a must. In addition, buyers will need to bring the funds necessary to complete the closing transaction. This should be in the form of a cashier’s check or the banking details needed to complete a wire transfer.

Sellers need to bring any keys, important codes, and garage door openers that should be passed on to the buyers. Documentation of any existing warranty’s is also essential.

Why Choose Delta Title

The team at Delta Title Corporation is committed to providing reliable Louisiana title insurance and settlement services for Louisiana and Mississippi. Since our founding in 1963, we have served thousands of clients across the Gulf South at our many convenient locations.

Every closing is unique, which means attention to detail is critical. Our team streamlines the process as much as possible, making it simple and straightforward for buyers, sellers, and the real estate professionals working on their behalf. With a longstanding reputation for excellent customer service, and multiple locations, we make it easy to close.

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